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Author Topic: Carl's "What to Pack" list  (Read 3017 times)
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Carl's "What to Pack" Checklist

Use emergency equipment regularly at home so you know it works; keep everything light and small.

For Day Trips:

Layers of clothes for expected temperature range
Water, trail snacks
Tow strap
Good tools to fit spark plug and all nuts/bolts, allen heads, screws
Pliers, knife
Spare nuts, bolts, sparkplug, fuses
Duct tape, lock wire, quick epoxy (for cracked case)
Spare front tube
2 in 1 axle wrench
Tire irons, pump, innertube patch kit
Band aids, toilet paper, lighter, rags
Aspirin, stick of sunscreen (can be used on lips), antiseptic ointment
Coins for phone, credit card, cash
License, proof of insurance, registration
Compass, Map (as required), GPS (if equipped)
For night add flashlight, headlight bulb, continuity tester (optional)
For overnight in a motel add comb, tooth brush, tooth paste, underwear, hat, socks, shirt, pants, light shoes

For Long Trips:
Tank Bag, Saddlebags, & Backpack
Freezer bags (for packing)
Bungie Cords
Tow Strap
1/4" Nylon Rope
Space blanket
Phone list
Passport & Wallet
Registration & Proof of Insurance
Energy bars
Cell phone
Radios (as needed)
Spare Key
Spare Clutch Lever
Spare Clutch Cable
Brake Pads
Master Link
Spare Headlight Bulb
Spare Taillight Bulb
Spare Fuse
Fuel Hose
Zip Ties
Duct tape
Lock Wire
JB Weld
Motor Oil
Chain Lube
Tube Patch kit
Tire Pump
CO2 bottles
Tire Irons
2 in 1 Axle Wrench
4 in 1 Screwdriver, Allen Keys, Sockets, & Wrenches
Rags/Paper Shop Towels
Matches or Lighter
Paper & Pen
First Aid kit w/Pain Meds
Baby powder
Toothbrush & Toothpaste
Hair Brush/Comb
Toilet Paper
Bag Balm
Spare Glasses
Sun Glasses
Sweat shirts
Light jacket
Shoes & Socks

-Jeff Phillips
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